Statistics teaching: Social Cognition Lab

Undergraduate course, Brown University, Decision Sciences, 2020

Teaching the statistical parts of the Social Cognition Lab (B.Sc. level), including: - Introduction to Expert Theory - Introduction to R and JASP - Non-parametric testing: Wilcoxon test, Mann Whitney-U test and Conover-Iman test - Introduction to Bayesian statistics - Bayesian analyses in psychological research - Exploratory factor analysis - Additional analysis-session to advance students’ research-project analyses & - Supervision of student research projects: - Project 1: Rolling a die vs. thinking - what to prefer? - Project 2: Ultimatum game - rationality and morality - Project 3: Five group projects, (1) COVID & priming, (2) Cognitive load’s impairment for anchor effects, (3) IAT on stereotypes caused by COVID, (4) The ultimatum game and primes of danger, (5) Donating in times of COVID